Annual Picnic

West Park in Nampa

Map of West Park, Nampa

Picture of West Park, Nampa

Picnic information:

Starts at 11:00 AM and Ends at 3:00 PM
A tailgate will start seting up at 10:00 AM
Lunch will be ready about 1:00 PM
The Auction will start at 2:00 PM...


The Big Fox (10 watts) will start Barking at 10:30am on 146.565 and run for approximately one hour.
While the location of the picnic is well known. This will give those participating a chance to check their direction find equipment.
But, once at the park they will need an attenuation strategy to actually find the Big Fox which will be in a vehicle,
report the License number to Mike or Lisa. Around 11:30pm we will activate the micro-Fox (.15watts) on 146.500.
Which will be hidden somewhere out in the park. Go find it and report back the location.
The Big Fox will transmit a series of tones for 60 seconds every 3 minutes.
The Micro Fox will transmit a series of tones for 45 seconds every 2 minutes.

Digital radio demonstration...

Fusion and D-STAR. Will demonstrate Fusion and D-STAR radio using the SharkRF Openspot 2.

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