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Subject Start Date Sart Time
VOI Tech Committee 15-May 7:00 PM
Cycle for Independence: 20-May
License Testing 3-Jun 10:30 AM
Board Meeting 6-Jun 7:00 PM
Idaho Rally: 10-Jun
Idaho Rally: 11-Jun
Club Meeting 14-Jun 7:00 PM
VOI Tech Committee 19-Jun 7:00 PM
Ride for Hope: 24-Jun
Field Day: 24-Jun
Field Day: 25-Jun
Board Meeting Early mtg. because of July 4th 27-Jun 7:00 PM
License Testing 1-Jul 10:30 AM
Work Project at Shafer 6-Jul 10:00 AM Contact Will KF7SSF
Club Meeting 12-Jul 7:00 PM
VOI Tech Committee 17-Jul 7:00 PM
Board Meeting 1-Aug 7:00 PM
Ride Idaho: 5-Aug
Ride Idaho: 6-Aug
Ride Idaho: 7-Aug
Ride Idaho: 8-Aug
Ride Idaho: 9-Aug
No Club Meeting 9-Aug
Ride Idaho: 10-Aug
Ride Idaho: 11-Aug
Ride Idaho: 12-Aug
Emmett Triathlon: 12-Aug Sign Up to help HERE
VOI Tech Committee 14-Aug 7:00 PM
VOI Picnic Nampa 19-Aug 10:00 AM
License Testing 2-Sep 10:30 AM
VOI Tech Committee 15-Sep 7:00 PM
Club Meeting 13-Sep 7:00 PM
Poker Ride for Paws & Claws: 16-Sep
VOI Tech Committee 18-Sep 7:00 PM
Board Meeting 3-Oct 7:00 PM
License Testing 7-Oct 10:30 AM
Club Meeting 11-Oct 7:00 PM
VOI Tech Committee 16-Oct 7:00 PM
Board Meeting 31-Oct 7:00 PM
License Testing 4-Nov 10:30 AM
Club Meeting 8-Nov 7:00 PM
VOI Tech Committee 13-Dec 7:00 PM
License Testing 2-Dec 10:30 AM
Board Meeting 5-Dec 7:00 PM
Club Meeting 13-Dec 7:00 PM
VOI Tech Committee 18-Dec 7:00 PM
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updated 09-18-17