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How Can I HELP

I would like to help in the following ways:

Record all who attend our club meeting - have a sign-in book. Get name, call, email, phone.
Meeting Recorder

Be Net Control one Thursday a month:
One Net Control a month

Be a Club Reporter - listen to repeaters. Pass the word on to the web site when anything interesting happens:
Club Reporter

Inventory Master = capture all the assets the club has(we have asset tags) and keep the record:
Inventory Master

Solar Panel Researcher - with direction from the Tech Committee chair:
Solar Panel Researcher

Skywarn liaison - Work with and be trained by NOAA's National Weather Service:
Skywarn liaison

ARRL Club Liaison - Work with the Idaho Section Club Liaison appointee to learn how the VOI can do a better job based on what the ARRL has learned by working with clubs around the country:
Club ARRL liaison

Web Watcher - keep an eye on the Division and ARRL web sites for useful information:
Web Watcher

Grant Researcher and Writer - Learn - Do:
Grant Writer

Fox Hunt Specialist - learn - plan - do:
Fox Hunt Specialist

Web Browser - look at other Ham web sites and report interesting projects and other suggested activates we might want to do:
Web Browser

ISC Seminar Presenter Finder - check the web for interesting people and topics that would be good for the Idaho State Convention:
ISC presenter finder

Assistant Web Masters - become familiar and help with this web site:
Assistant Web Masters

Repeater Controller Programmers - become familiar and help with how to program our repeater controllers:
Repeater Controller Programmers

Elmer - Help other who might not know what you know about Ham Radio:

Radio Programmer - Handhelds - handhelds; Help Hams learn how to program their handheld radios, both manually and via the computer:
Radio Programmer

Volunteer Examiners (VE) Liaison - report those who get new licenses and upgrades to the club at the monthly meeting and see they get published on our web site:
VE Liaison

Create and become the Net Control for a Women's net on VHF:
Women's Net

Graphics Designer - web, membership id cards, logo, etc.:
Graphics Designer

Tower Climber - learn - do:
Tower Climber

Safety Officer - field day - repeater site activities:
Safety Officer

Full Name:



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updated 10-23-16