From: Pam Aishlin
Subject: Update - Int Climate Team and VOI

From Mike Cline WB7RWS Mike Cline in HAM Shack

I have been working with Pam from BSU to get an ARDUINO based monitoring system setup for the Boise High terrarium project. They will be monitoring moisture content of the soil, how long has the sun been shining on the terrarium, how intense is the light, relative humidity, and what temperature the terrarium is at. This is to be a long-term project that will start with middle school students. The idea is that we build off the achievements of earlier student accomplishments and follow the students from middle school to high school. The basic structure of the terrarium has been completed. Now we start on the controller and programming to harvest the data as it is provided by the sensors. I bought a MEGA controller (this will handle more outputs) and intend to transmit my data over APRS rather than sending it to an SD card.

From: Pam Aishlin
Subject: Update - Int Climate Team and VOI
Dear VOI leaders,

This is a quick update on the school weather station and STEM education program that you have been so gracious to cheer for, encourage and support.

I will soon send out our fall newsletter, for now I want to let you know that the Marsing Middle School ICT has been very successful for two years now and we are gearing up to take the program to the high school next year. Boise High is slated to do well with the city grant they received, thanks to dedicated help from wb7rws.

Also, in terms of global scale communications, I will be in Costa Rica Feb 6-20th to install a weather station there and connect students to from that distance.

Third, I am working with Boise State students interested in using artificial intelligence to model hazards, such as fire at urban boundaries and send alerts. We continue to make progress with open source engineering for low cost environmental monitoring and passing these skills on to students. (Improved systems for industry such as Albertsons is also on their radar.)

I like to keep you posted as I think incorporating HAM radio will be important... at some point as we proceed with the schools project.

The future looks bright with our rural youth engaging and our knowledgeable adults helping! Thank you for your continued encouragement and support. See student effort here:


Pamella Aishlin Cedillo (Pam)

Students Local and International Collaboration for Environment
through Innovative Technology, 501 3 c, nonprofit, based in Boise, Idaho.
An international student-led climate monitoring and education initiative.

Updated 12-2-18